Archipelago Lighting RS80 80-Watt Outdoor Landscape Speaker Rocks Review

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Rating: ★★★★★ 

Archipelago Lighting has released their RS80 80-Watt Outdoor Landscape Speaker Rocks and we recently had a chance to check them out. These high quality rock speakers have an 80 watt capacity with up to 225 feet of coverage and they include a 6 inch woofer and 1 inch dome tweeter.

The photos we’ve seen online don’t do these rocks justice. They have a very natural speckled granite look that blended into my landscaping very well. Of course, they are weatherproof and can be used anytime of year. If you experience harsher winters, we would recommend bringing them inside for the winter as we do with all rock speakers we review. Another nice touch with these speakers were the 3 year warranty and the fact that they came with a 50 foot underground cable and water proof connectors which made for an easy install.

So they passed the first test, they look great! But how do they sound…

These rank at the top for all the outdoor rock speakers that we’ve tested. They sound crisp, clear and can handle a lot of power. Much more than your average consumer is ever going to throw at them. Of course, we tested them at high “neighbor complaint level” volumes and they still sounded fantastic.

We’d have to rank these as some of the best rock speakers we’ve tried to date. They look amazing, sound fantastic and are very reasonably priced. So if price comes into play, then these are at the top of our list. The cheapest we found them for at the time of this review was $79.99 from Amazon.

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