Audio Unlimited / Cables To Go 900MHz Wireless Rock Speaker Review

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Rating: ★★★★★ 

When it comes to rock speakers, the SPK-ROCK-DUO2 900MHz Wireless Rock Speaker Bundle is our editors choice for the best rock speakers available anywhere. They are made by a company called Cables To Go (Audio Unlimited) and look and sound amazing. Not only that, but because they are wireless they are the ideal system for anyone looking to quickly and easily add a nice looking rock speaker to their backyard, garden or pool area. The SPK-ROCK-DUO2 transmitter supports a large number of audio inputs so you just have to plug your source in, and you’re off to the races. It works with RCA inputs, iPods, iPhones and pretty much any MP3 player that you can throw at it.

With an excellent wireless range of up to 150ft you can place these wireless rock speakers virtually anywhere in your yard and listen to great sounding music without having to worry about running wires everywhere.

We had them set up within just a few minutes out of the box and were very impressed by the sound quality and loudness we could get. Most wireless speakers suffer from below average loudness and sound quality, but these ones sounded crystal clear even at loud volumes levels.

We placed these speakers behind bushes, other rocks, and trees and were still able to get static free reception at distances up to 150ft. These are very well built and should last for a very long time in any type of climate/weather.

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