HiFi Works 30020 HFW 6.5-Inch Rock Speakers Review

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Rating: ★★★★★ 

These outdoor rock speakers from Hifi Works are by far the best value rock speakers that we have found anywhere.

These stone shaped speakers will look absolutely fantastic in any outdoor garden and sound even better! Featuring a 6.5 inch speaker, these things really can pump out the music at an astounding level while still sounding crystal clear. The mids sound clear and crisp, while the bass sounds deep and full. It’s something you really will have to hear for yourself to appreciate.

Not only do they sound great, but they are some of the best looking rock speakers that we have seen anywhere. Pictures do not do these justice. They look just like real stone and will set off the look of any garden. They are fully sealed and extremely durable. They should last for a very long time in any type of weather conditions.

The real kicker that makes these speakers stand out even more from the competition is the affordable price. You can find them on Amazon for around $65 which is by far the best deal we’ve come across. Click here for pricing information and to see what other owners of these speakers have to say about them.

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