Insignia Simulated Rock Outdoor Speakers Review

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Rating: ★★★★★ 

The Insignia Simulated NS-R2111 is yet another high quality outdoor rock speaker. If you don’t need wireless capabilities, this speaker should do just fine and is one of the best options for the price.

The realistic stone look allows this speaker to blend in well with any type of landscaping. We placed the speaker next to a few real similar sized rocks in a garden setting and from a distance it was impossible to tell which rocks were real and which ones were the speakers. These speakers are very well built and should last for a long time outside in any type of weather. We’ve read numerous user reveiws online, and have not heard a single issue in regards to the build quality of these speakers.

The sound we were able to get from these speakers was quite impressive. Whether you are looking to play them loud enough so you can hear them throughout an entire large backyard or you want them set fairly low for a nice relaxing evening, the overall sound quality is excellent.

The only other set of speakers that compare to these Insignia Simulated rock speakers in terms of overall quality and value are these Hifi Works Rock Speakers. Check out the link for our review. If we had to decide between one or the other, it would probably come down to which ones we thought would look better in our particular garden setting. The sound quality was pretty similar for both of them.

We’re pretty confident that anyone who gives these outdoor speakers a try will be very happy with their purchase. If you’re looking for the best deal check here to see some of the current prices from Amazon vendors.


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